What’s up Space Monkey Fam! New instagram update!

The Spacemonkey Instagram has been deleted! We are taking a break from our personal page.

We are working on getting our original page back of 84k followers, either way we are starting this blog to make our connection more solid and in control. As you know we love Instagram, but it really is not a good look when haters/scammers can flag and shutdown the hard work you have created.

Follow us on facebook: @spacemonkeymeds

Youtube: spacemonkeymeds

Website: http://www.spacemonkeymeds.com

Beware of wannabe pages:

Anyone offering to be us space monkey meds and offering to ship weed and is definitely a scammer. No licensed cultivation is going to risk losing their license over shipping. Our products are highly sought after in California! I have heard of these pages accepting bitcoin/paypal etc. Like they say if it is too good to be true it is exactly that, too good to be true.

If you all have any questions please feel free to email us !

Email: hello@spacemonkeymeds.com


Northern California Cultivating the worlds finest cannabis

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  1. That’s going on all over social media sites. Wouldn’t buy shit thru the mail could very possibly be a DEA agent on the other end. They love setting people up.

    1. Thanks Catherine for the love! Come visit us at a show in Cali sometime!

    1. Hi Jaz, That is correct that page is fake. That is not us. We currently do not have an instagram. Those imposters even lidt the real email and website on the instagram profile to look legitimate but hoping they try to do business outside of those channels. No legitimate company in california will offer to ship. It is not worth losing a license.

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