Fatso! Lives up to the couch lock statement.

Fatso is a strain with some impressive lineage. A cross between the ultra-popular GMO cookies and legends OG this flower features a strong coffee / garlic aroma and a hefty coating of trichomecrystals. Considered 90 percent indica dominant, this flower packs a seriously psychoactive punch.

Ok enough of the technical talk. This strain is perfect for those times where you’ve had a long hectic day. With the way work life is nowadays, we are hooked on caffeine to get through our day to day work duties. Evening restlessness is rampant in our lives in result of all of this coffee. If you need something to help you slow that caffeine binge and slow those racing thoughts, Fatso is the strain that will solve that issue. Spark one up and relax on the couch, next thing you know you want to make your way over to bed, but this strain got you locked on the couch and don’t want to move. It’s now 12 am and you are now watching as seen on tv commercials. Time to officially get into bed!


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  1. Fatso is my daily go-to. I smoke at least 3 times a day. The irony I have found is how much it doesn’t couch lock me. Maybe it’s my batch of veteran mental disorders or the numerous bolts, plates and screw throughout my body from a motorcycle wreck but I’m more active, more social and much more productive with Fatso on board. I also enjoy it more than most strains, I’m not a connisseur and I prefer bongs but it’s smooth and fragrant without being smelly

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